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Publicity Photos for
The Wind in the Willows 2015

You have permission to use these photos for publicity purposes related to this show. Ownership of the photos remains with the photographer and All-of-us Express Children's Theatre. Please acknowledge the photographer as noted.

Additional information about this show is available through the press release sent out by the City of East Lansing Department of Parks, Recreation and Arts or by contacting artistic director Sarah Willis (517-319-6957, or youth program coordinator Kathleen Miller (517-319-6963,

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photo car
Mole (Emma Stroupe) and Rat (Ava Brewer) with a dazed Toad (Morgan Pohl)
behold the glorious, stirring site of a motor car driving off. Poop-poop!
Photo by Nick Cook.
car: 400 x 600, 186089B

photo river
Toad (Morgan Pohl), Rat (Ava Brewer) and Mole (Emma Stroupe) picnic by the
river—the Rat's favorite place—with the Wild Wood in the distance.
Photo by Nick Cook.
river: 551 x 790, 384693B

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