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Publicity Photos for
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 2016

You have permission to use these photos for publicity purposes related to this show. Ownership of the photos remains with the photographer and All-of-us Express Children's Theatre. Please acknowledge the photographer as noted.

Additional information about this show is available through the press release sent out by the City of East Lansing Department of Parks, Recreation and Arts or by contacting artistic director Sarah Willis (517-319-6957, or youth program coordinator Kathleen Miller (517-319-6963,

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photo lww16_040
The White Witch, Edmund, Tumnus and Lucy.
Photo by Melissa Downs.
lww16_040: 2100 x 1500, 3132324B

photo lww16_067
Tumnus and Lucy meet at the lamp-post.
Photo by Melissa Downs.
lww16_067: 1800 x 1200, 2092239B

photo lww16_031
The White Witch threatens Edmund.
Photo by Melissa Downs.
lww16_031: 1800 x 1200, 1511735B

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