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Plays performed in the Greater Lansing, Michigan area since the Theatre was founded. Double titles are double bills, where two separate short plays are performed back-to-back, originally with student directors. The number before the date is the size of the cast or troupe, where known (for plays, usually there are also at least as many young people working crews as there are in the cast). Beginning with the 23rd Season shows no longer had individual pages, rather there were pages for the entire season.

Storybook Story Theatre (SBST) began in our first season and was on the road most of the first ten seasons. The Clowns at Play clown troupe was begun by Doreen Evans (Lambeau) in 1993-94 and was part of All-of-us Express through February 2003. A.C.T.O.R.S. (All-of-us Express Children's Theatre Often Returning Storytellers) was adults performing in schools during 1994-96, then was re-started in 2004 as a troupe of home-schooling youth performers.

It is the mission of All-of-us Express Children's Theatre to offer young people of all backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles the opportunity to produce professional quality plays, study many aspects of the dramatic arts, and develop valuable life skills while providing outstanding entertainment to the community. It is the policy of AECT to provide equal opportunities to all eligible persons without regard to age, color, creed, gender identity, disability, height, membership in any labor organization, national origin, parental status, political identification, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or weight.

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