Photo Gallery for The Little Prince — 2012

These photos were taken during the final dress rehearsal on 19 April 2012 by Dylan Lees. Photos copyright © by All-of-us Express Children's Theatre and the photographer.

These photos are from the photographer's pick gallery on the Show CD. The selection presented tries to cover the entire show, but may not include all cast members. The Show CD contains hundreds of photos from the dress rehearsals and the publicity photo shoot. The Show CD also captures the show's web page and contains a copy of the show program and other material.

photo 1
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photo 13
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Because of the lighting, this show was rather difficult to photograph. Below are two unretouched photos, one from near the beginning and one from near the end of the show, taken by Lisa Lees. The Show CD contains a complete sequence of over 200 photos from the second dress rehearsal, and a gallery of 80 best picks such as those above.

photo 18 photo 19

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