Photo Shoot at
All-of-us Express Children's Theatre

Snapshots taken during the photo session following opening night of Gareth, The Gentle Gargoyle on March 9, 2001. (This photo shoot was held so we can take record shots, and so family can take photos. We do not allow photos during performances.)

GGG photo shoot
Director and Playwright

GGG photo shoot

GGG photo shoot
After midnight...

GGG photo shoot
Got 'im!

GGG photo shoot

GGG makeup
Getting into makeup

Photos by William Miles, David Hetherington and Lisa Lees, copyright © 2001 by the photographers; photos may not be used in any way without the permission of the photographers and All-of-us Express Children's Theatre.

It is the mission of All-of-us Express Children's Theatre to provide young people with an opportunity to produce plays of a professional quality, and to provide the community with an opportunity to enjoy live family-oriented dramatic activities.

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