All-of-us Express Children's Theatre
at the CTAM 2000 Fall Conference

Evelyn and the Lees family stoically sacrificed a September weekend to attend the fall conference of the Community Theatre Association of Michigan, held at the Boyne Highlands resort and convention center, near Harbor Springs. (It was cool and wet, folks! And we had no time for fun; really!)

Boyne Highlands
Roughing it at Boyne Highlands

Making masks
There was a good set of youth activities...

Children's parade
...culminating in a parade

It was a busy weekend!

Photos by Lisa Lees, copyright © 2000; photos may not be used in any way without the permission of LJL and All-of-us Express Children's Theatre.

It is the mission of All-of-us Express Children's Theatre to provide young people with an opportunity to produce plays of a professional quality, and to provide the community with an opportunity to enjoy live family-oriented dramatic activities.

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