Clowns Express at Delta Rocks!

On June 26, 2004 seven of the Clowns Express clowns performed at the Delta Rocks! Family Festival. The young clowns who participated were Chip, Crackers, Moody, Peanut, Rainberry, Q.T. Dazzle and Zil; supervised by adult clowns Bob-Z Wob-Z and Dustee.

After arriving, the clowns helped with the cake walk, then took the stage for 45 minutes of their own skits. For the remainder of the afternoon, the clowns did face painting and balloon tying.

cake walk
Cake walk (above), skits, face painting
and balloons!
Ring Ring Stagecoach
Coloring Book Wash Day
Rain? Banana?
Tony Chestnut
Balloons Face painting
Face painting Balloons
Balloons Balloons
Balloons, balloons, balloons!
Clowns Express

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