Cowabunga!  rehearsal at
All-of-us Express Children's Theatre

Photos taken at Logan Square during the final days of rehearsal of Cowabunga! in July 2002. Costumes and props were not quite finished.

[Opening fight scene]
The show begins with a fight in the audience

Moothuselah   Baron Klim
Moothuselah   -   Henchman and Baron Klim

Take that!
Baron Klim's Henchmen in action

The Klimian Ambassador   Talking heads
There's trouble in Bovinia . . .   and in modern times!

Klimians   Moothuselah captured
The Klimian Intergalactic Empire makes its presence known

Cast photo
The cast following a rehearsal
(that's Gal Lactic, champion of all things bovine!)

Photos by Lisa Lees, copyright © 2002; photos may not be used in any way without the permission of All-of-us Express Children's Theatre.

It is the mission of All-of-us Express Children's Theatre to provide young people with an opportunity to produce plays of a professional quality, and to provide the community with an opportunity to enjoy live family-oriented dramatic activities.

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